D`Arcy, Del, Graham Edge (Moody Blues Drummer), Jessica and Dave Franz ( Professor at Berklee Collage Boston )
D`Arcy Engineering
Edgar Winter and D`Arcy Fender-Tele.jpg=Playing on a Fender Tele
D`Arcy at Waterfront Productions
Closeup of drums
Acoustics D`Arcy
Rick and D`Arcy in the studioD`Arcy and Mike in Madison
D`Arcy at the Barn Window Studio
Junction Studio Drum Room
D`Arcy Mixing
D`Arcy and Rick Derringer
George Wallace, Jr. and D`Arcy
D`Arcy and Henry Lawrence ( Singer and three time NFL superbowl winner).
D`Arcy at the Mixing Board
D`Arcy at the Desk